Importance of being fit and healthy

The importance of good health should never be underestimated. It helps a person to be physically as well as mentally fit and live their life to the fullest. Unhealthy lifestyles affect the wellbeing of a person in many ways. So it is important to maintain a healthy and good lifestyle. This can be done by indulging in exercising and eating healthy food. These help a person stay fit both physically and mentally.

Being healthy and fit helps one to stay active and also elevated their power of concentration and their confidence.  If a person stays fit and healthy, he or she can set an example for others to follow and help them become fit and healthy too.

The main reasons for which fitness of health deteriorates are:

  • Intake of harmful substances like preserved food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. These harm the mental and physical health and fitness of a person a lot.
  • Intake of junk food instead of properly balanced nutritional diet, resulting in degradation of one’s health as well as fitness.
  • Daily stress also acts as another factor. Students feel stressed about things related to their school like exams, school work etc and professionals feel stressed because of their work and their life. This leads to an imbalanced mental health.
  • Depression is one of the major causes of deteriorating health. Prolonged stress about something or the other, leads to depression and many health problems.
  • Lack of sleep also results in an unfit lifestyle. Constantly using phones and working all night etc. leads to imbalanced sleeping cycles which affect the health of a person. It is important to sleep at a defined time for each individual
  • Natural phenomena such as pollution also make us unhealthy and unfit.

To maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, a person should eat a nutritional diet, indulge in yoga and exercise, maintain the balance of thoughts and have an optimum level of sleep. All these are the most important factors which contribute towards healthy and fitter lifestyle.

Some points which are crucial for maintaining a healthy and fit life are:

  • Intake of balanced nutritional food – Having a diet which is nutritionally balanced with essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc. help a person in staying fit and healthy.
  • Drinking lots of water is also important as it helps in releasing the toxins present in one’s body and helps in improving the metabolism
  • Exercising regularly affects both the physical and the mental health of a person. Every individual should dedicate a particular time of the day for exercising.
  • Sleeping for an appropriate amount of time is also important. Every individual should get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Having a clean and tidy environment is important for us to survive
  • Maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene helps in being healthy and fit
  • Thinking positive and having a positive outlook towards life is the key factor which helps one stay healthy, fit and happy.

We ourselves create conditions which result us in being unhealthy and unfit. By developing good habits and maintaining a good lifestyle can keep ourselves happy, healthy and fit.

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