Know the basics of natural ethnic skin care

Skin is the body’s largest organ and it acts as a protective barrier. However, it is certainly not impenetrable or impervious. Therefore it is important to be cautious of what we are exposing it to. If we put harmful and toxic ingredients on our skin, they get into our body causing unwanted health issues. When our skin comes in contact with potential irritants like chemical-laden cosmetics, hygiene products, fragrances, deodorant, they cause harm that we cannot see.

Sometimes they cause skin rashes, chronic headaches, even skin cancers, breathing disabilities and so on. In order to avoid such symptoms, it is best to abide by organic skin care practice and putting natural skin care products that help our skin feel and look attractive and healthier than ever before.

Herbal Skin Care: Best for Natural Skin Care

When we say natural skin care, herbal skin care products come first due to its positive impact on all types of skin. Herbs contain several active constituents that offer necessary nutrients to our skin. These multiple compounds together effectively address skin issues more effectively. Since herbs are extremely gentle on the skin they do not cause any type of harmful side effects on the skin.

Natural skin care products are either purchased from the store or home-made using natural ingredients. Both of them work better than conventional personal care products offered by the mainstream cosmetics industry.

Which one to use – Herbals or Modern Drugs for Skin Care?

Modern drugs consist of conventional skin care substances like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, kojic acid and so on. These substances are manufactured in chemical laboratories and produced in huge volume in factories.

Before it becomes available at the market, those drugs have to be tested a large number of users to ensure that they work. On the contrary, the effectiveness of herbal products is mostly supported by generations of experience collected as fact-based evidence. Thus their value is cherished for years across various cultures.

Unfortunately testing herbal beauty remedies are not conducted as thoroughly and rigorously as the mainstream beauty industry does with modern drugs and skin care products. It is not much cost-effective for conventional cosmetic and skin care product manufacturers to produce herbal and organic skin care products compared to chemical laden beauty products.

Modern personal care and drug markets spend so much money on developing and marketing the product, at the end of the day, it becomes all about earning money and more profit. They do not take much responsibility

So much money has been put into funding the analysis of modern drugs (also contained in many skin care products) that they should be able to produce evidence for the benefits of herbal treatments. In the modern drug and personal care markets, it’s all about the money.

While buying natural, one must also take care of the companies which sell herbal products. Some companies claim that they sell products which are ‘organic’ and at the same time, ‘natural’. In a nutshell, one should use only those products which are natural as only those products are good for the skin.


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