The Common Applications of Custom Peptide Synthesis

Through custom peptide synthesis, there has been an increase in the application as well as the research of custom peptides. It can be said that the advancements are still at the infancy stages, but a lot has been achieved, the future is brighter as far as the potential for custom peptide synthesis is concerned. With that said, here are some of the common applications of custom peptide synthesis:

Venom Peptides

Animal venom primarily consists of bioactive peptides. Venom peptides vary greatly in complexity and in their length. As such, they need a combination of recombinant and chemical synthesis, which you can easily obtain from the leading peptide synthesis companies.

Cancer Immunotherapy

In cancer immunotherapy, the body’s own immune system is used to attack the cancerous cells, and this is one of the major advancements in the field of custom peptide synthesis. Current efforts are geared towards the creation of peptide-based vaccines, which use tumor-associated antigens that then combine with the T cells to fight off cancerous cells.

Natriuretic Peptides

Natriuresis refers to the process of excreting large amounts of sodium through the process of urination. Natriuretic peptides are believed to be important biomarkers for the development of personalized treatments for heart failure, and they are heavily utilized in maintaining the heart volume and pressure, and for the regulation of cardiovascular remodeling pathways.

Self-assembling peptides

These peptides are short synthetic peptides with amphipathic sequences. They have the ability to spontaneously self-assemble in aqueous solutions to form very organized structures.

Antimicrobial Peptides

The prevalence of anti-biotic resistant microbes has continuously posed a challenge in the treatment and management of a variety of diseases. Currently, custom peptides are being used to formulate intelligent antimicrobial drugs that may defeat the continued resistance by the microbes, and find treatment to a number of diseases and conditions.

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